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The beaches of Khao Lak

Click to enlarge !Khao Lak and Poseidon Beach are located at the southern end of the Khao-Lak Lamru National park. With a length of approximately 2kms Khao Lak Beach is the shortest of the area's beaches but yet the one with the most tropical atmosphere due to its surroundings dominated by big limestone boulders on the southern end.

Steep mountains dominate the northern end, where nature has carved out a small lagoon-alike beach. Khao-Lak beach starts close to "Poseidon Bungalows", where a mangrove river divides Khao-Lak beach from Tab Lamu Beach.

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Poseidon Beach is located at the southernmost tip of the Khao-Lak area. A pristine, untarnished tropical paradise awaits the visitor here! Similan-alike granite boulders are scattered around the southern end of Poseidon Beach. From up there, a breathtaking panorama unfolds with a clear view of the Khao Nai Yak national park.

Poseidon has been an insider tip for a long time and still today is virtually being ignored by most Khao Lak visitors, making it Khao Lak's quietest and most underrated beach.

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Click to enlarge !Nang Thong Beach is the second beach a Khao-Lak visitor will find when travelling north coming from Phuket is the 3km long Nang Thong Beach. Being the busiest beach in Khao-Lak due to the fact that Khao-Lak tourism started here with a small bungalow resort still known today as "Gerd & Noi Bungalows".

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Click to enlarge !Bangniang Beach has developed from a backpacker heaven to Khao-Lak's high society beach since the 2004 Tsunami. The simple bamboo huts have been replaced by stylish resorts and exclusive private homes. Given this, Bang Niang Beach is the beach of choice for retirees looking for private property near the beach. Bang Niang Beach measures approximately 4kms and features a lagoon on its northern end.

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Click to enlarge !Khukkak, Pak Weep and Bang Sak Beaches are the most quiet and undeveloped beaches in Khao-Lak. Several lagoons and rivers divide the in some areas very broad beaches.

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Khukkak and Pak Weep Beach are divided by an interesting cape known as "Laem Pakarang".

Click to enlarge !Laem Pakarang: Coconut & White Sand Beach - Pakarang means coral in Thai - is a very picturesque coral cape with a road dividing the public beach from private property land plots and resorts. Here you find Coconut Beach and White Sand Beach, possibly the two most beautiful and dream-alike beaches in all of Khao Lak.

Coconut Beach is accessible and safe to swim even for kids all year round! This makes Coconut Beach the absolute winner of all beaches of Khao Lak. Click here to find accommodation near Coconut Beach!

Our rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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